Transparent Wall Glaze


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BioShield Transparent Wall Glaze is a highly versatile and transparent waterborne concentrate that can be tinted with pigments and used as a color wash for walls, used with a high concentration of pigment to form an opaque waterborne paint, or to create a washable seal over chalky or dusty surfaces. One coat dries flat, several coats will dry to an eggshell sheen.

Technical Information: Transparent Wall Glaze excels as a base and binder with the pigments of our choice. For a thin glaze or color wash, it can be reduced by up to 4 parts water (to one part glaze; a 20% solution). But when used with our heavier pigments, such as BioShield Mica Colors, we recommend that you use it undiluted. Wall Glaze may also be used as a sealer over our Clay Paint, Solvent-Free Wall Paint (matte only.)

Application Notes: Transparent Wall Glaze is best applied with a brush, sponge or cloth. When used as a color wash, it can be applied with a wide block brush in a figure-eight motion or with various sponging or ragging techniques.

Coverage: Undiluted, BioShield Wall Glaze will cover up to 150 square feet per liter, depending upon surface porosity and application technique.

Drying Time: Up to 12 hours, depending on conditions.

Ingredients: Cellulose,Alcohol Ester, Silica, Carnauba Wax, Clay,Water, and Preservative.

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