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Koloranti Furniture Paints and Finishes are state-of-the art products for the faux finishing of old furniture made new, battered made beautiful, old made new.

All Koloranti products are zero VOC low odor. We use only non-toxic and natural components in the making of our paints. Products are hand-made in small batches and with every new batch the color is carefully examined for color consistency before it is poured into the container.

Marble and Chalk based Mineral Paint for Furniture

Koloranti Furniture Paint is a true mineral based paint containing chalk and marble powder as fillers. Use this matte paint for covering absorbent surfaces made of wood, particle board, plywood and over previously painted surfaces. High proportion of solids and strong pigmentation ensures exceptionally good coverage.

Surface Preparation & Application: Loose particles of old paints must be removed with a steel brush, a scraper or sand paper. Cracks should be patched with a spackling compound. Mold and fungus must be permanently removed. Stains that may show through the paint (such as water, nicotine etc.) must first be treated with an isolating primer such as Shellac.

Sanding is recommended for best adhesion. Stir before use. Apply the paint with a roller or brush in a thin, even coat.  Spread the paint evenly in all directions. Apply at temperatures between 50-70 degrees F (10-20 C) and in normal moisture conditions to ensure proper curing of the paint.
Recommended drying time is 2-6 hours between coats.

Coverage: One Quart will cover 50-100 square feet per coat.

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