Milk Paint - Tierra Fuego

While cleaning out our storage we came across a few cases of this by now vintage product. BioShield Casein Milk Paint in the color of Terra Fuego. We introduced this product about 15 years ago. The paint is still as good as it was back then since it made in powder form.

Use Casein Milk Paint for walls and furniture.

Ready-to-mix powder consisting of Casein, Lime, Cellulose, Talcum, Salt, Earthen & Mineral Pigments. Zero VOC.

Net Contents 400 Gram. Will yield 20-25 Fl. Oz. of liquid paint.
Undetermined shelf life if kept in powder form and stored in a dry place. Mixed batches of paint should be used up and not stored due to very short shelf life once the powder is mixed with water.

One 400 Gram unit will cover 40-60 square feet.


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