Hand Dishwash Liquid


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Soap is not suitable for washing dishes. Soap scum creates a greasy film on dishes and is hard-to-remove. Before the development of modern surfactants, only soda was used for cleaning dishes. Soda makes water soft and destroys fat. Since the fat on the skin is also destroyed, the hands are affected badly. In our Sodasan Dishwash Liquid, we use a mixture of fatty alcohol sulfates and sugar surfactants.  This formulation is skin-friendly and economical. The detergents are made from renewable raw materials, and, as with all our products, no preservatives are used.

Ingredients: Organic Sugar Surfactants, Coconut Fatty Alcohol Sulfate, Essential Oils, Water.

1.00 Liter (34 Fl.Oz.)

Refill Size
5.00 Liter (1.32 Gall.)

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