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Apis  is the Latin name for bee. The honey bee belongs to the genus Apis which is characterized through the production and storage of honey.

ApisColor is a water-based and solvent-free paint, especially designed for painting bee hives. Use on previously painted as well as new or old wood surfaces. Strong pigmentation insures good coverage. Low-drip, low-splash. Bees do not like solvent based paints and other harsh substances. ApisColor is VOC_Free and does not contain harmful chemicals such as co-polymers, solvents and aromatic substances.

Surface Preparation & Application: Loose particles of old paints must be removed with a steel brush, a scraper and/or sand paper. Cracks should be patched with a spackling compound. Mold and fungus must be removed. Stains may show through the paint (such as water, grease, etc.) This can be prevented by using a natural shellac as a stain blocker.  Sanding (no finer than #60 - #80) is mandatory for proper adhesion. Stir before use. Apply two-to-three coats of paint with a roller or brush in a thin, even coat. Apply at temperatures between 50-70 degrees F (10-20 C) and in normal moisture conditions to ensure proper curing of the paint. Drying time is 2-6 hours between coats. This paint is not suitable for painting the tops of beehives. For best protection we recommend using sheet metal or other roofing material when hives have direct weather exposure.

Use Elderberry White also for priming and for improving when changing from a previous color to any of the ApisColor colors.

Coverage: One Pint will cover 30-40 square feet per coat.

Cleanup & Storage: Clean brushes, rollers and trays with mild soap and warm water before the paint dries. Unused contents should be kept in a well sealed container in a cool, dry place.

Disposal: Dry out contents and discard in accordance with local, state and federal ordinances.
Ingredients: Water, Mineral Fillers, Pigments, Water softener, Cellulose, Alcohol Ester, Sodium, Preservative. Zero VOC.

Commercial quantities available upon request.

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