Resin Floor Finish #4


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Our Healthy Living Resin Floor Finish is a clear to slightly amber traditional oil-based brushing lacquer. Apply after priming the surface with BioShield Penetrating Oil #5, or Hard Oil #9. It creates a durable, flexible seal on many types of flooring, and comes in semi gloss.

Specifications: BioShield Resin Floor Finish is perfect for floors of all types hardwood, softwood, adobe, stone, terracotta, brick, and cork. Our breathable, flexible floor finishes will add a visible depth and dimension to all types of flooring.

Application: We recommend two to three coats of this product. Product must be applied by brush.

Do not spray apply, do not thin.

Coverage: BioShield Natural Resin Floor Finish will cover 120 to 160 square feet per liter.

Drying time: Depending on climate and other variables, approximately 24 hours of drying time between coats is recommended. Resin Floor Finish will attain its full strength after drying for several days.

Ingredients: Linseed Oil, Soy Alkyd Resin, Colophony (Rosin), Isoaliphatics, Lead-Free Dryers (Zircon, Cobalt Octoat), Silica, and Oximes (Anti-Skinning Agent).

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