Herbal Oil #2


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Cold Pressed Purity.

Be as pure as you can be with our cold pressed flax seed oil for wood counter tops, cutting boards, salad bowls, and general furniture. Herbal Oil is suitable for use on food service fixtures and utensils such as butcher blocks, kitchen counters, and cutting boards. Itís a deeply penetrating wood primer and sealer that creates an elastic, breathable, and water resistent finish that enhances the natural beauty of wood. Within the BioShield system, this oil can also be substituted for our Penetrating Oil Sealer #5.

Ingredients: Highest grade organically grown cold-pressed Flaxseed Oil, Lead-free dryers (Zircon, Cobalt Octoat), and Essential Oils.

Healthy Living Penetrating Oils

The first thing youíll notice about our Healthy Living Penetrating Oils is what you wonít notice: that harsh petroleum smell. Thatís because there isnít any. Instead of potentially harmful chemicals, our penetrating oils are crafted from Linseed Oil, plant derivatives, and other healthy ingredients. And just as important, our Healthy Living Oil Finishes are the easiest finishes to apply so everyone can achieve great results. Our oils come in an assortment of sizes to suit every need and every job.

BioShield Oils create breathable and elastic, water-resistant coatings that enhance the natural beauty of any wood and keep your home healthyówhether you use them on the interior or exterior. Specifications: We have a range of oils from clear to amber that are suitable for practically every application. For your food service applications such as bowls, utensils, kitchen counters and other surfaces, we recommend our Herbal Oil #2. Extremely dry and other highly-absorbent woods should first be treated with Penetrating Sealer #5. For less absorbent surfaces and hardwoods in good condition, use our Primer Oil #1.

Application: For best results, apply using a pad applicator or brush. Oil also can be used for spraying or dipping. Surfaces should be sound, dust free, and free of contaminants such as mildew, oil, and grease. The maximum moisture content for softwoods should not exceed 18 percent, and hardwoods should not exceed 12 percent moisture. Very resinous woods such as teak must be cleaned with BioShield Healthy Living Citrus Thinner, and other exotic woods should be wiped with an alcohol thinner (ethanol). For best results, apply oils with a professional-quality, natural bristle brush. Allow to penetrate for approximately 25 minutes, then wipe off any exess with a soft, absorbent, lint-free cotton cloth. Repeat process 24 hours later.

Coverage: Approximately 100 to 150 square feet per liter, depending on the rate of absorbency and the surface texture.

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