Wood Counter Finish 8 Fl oz

A Healthy Glow for Counter Tops

BioShield Wood Counter Finish is safe to use on any wood surface,
especially in the kitchen where family gathers and food is
prepared. It works beautifully on both hard and soft woods and
bamboo. Itís not only environmental but economical because a
little bit goes a long way. Eight Fl. Oz. are good for up to 120
square feet.This High Solid oil finish is made from various natural
wood-related oils, leaving you a finish thatís beautiful, durable,
breathable and elastic.You can renew and refresh it any time
without prior sanding.

Ingredients: Linseed Oil,Tung Oil, Linseed Stand Oil, Silicic Acid,
Beeswax, Candelilla wax, Lead-Free Dryers (Zircon Octoat,
Cobalt Octoat.)

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