BioShield Paints

The BioShield Difference

The BioShield Paint Company is the result of the refinement of vision within the context of social needs.

Founded in Santa FeNew Mexico in 1982 by Rudolf Reitz, the Eco Design Company, BioShield’s parent company and precursor, began to supply ecologically savvy North Americans with options for commonly used house and home products.

Today, the BioShield Paint Company focuses on supplying options to our customer base in three specific areas:

  • Waterborne wall finishes and paints that use an extensive collection of 50 pigments, based on earth and ultramarine hues.
  • Natural oils, interior and exterior wood stains, and waxes and finishes for floors and furniture.
  • Cleaners and maintenance products.
How we think

At BioShield we ask ourselves tough questions during our product development trials, then make certain that what we have created satisfies or exceeds your expectations:

  • Does each product we sell answer a clearly identified social need?
  • Is this product made from a natural and easily renewable resource?
  • Is this product derived from minimally toxic ingredients?
  • Can we offer competitive pricing on products derived from outstanding raw materials that are obtained using fair trade practices?
  • Can we guarantee the quality and freshness of every product that we sell?
  • Has the formulation of the product met our high standards for durability?
  • Can we consistently supply every customer with superlative service?

How we differ from the rest of the pack

The BioShield collection of paints, stains, thinners and waxes is made primarily from naturally-derived raw materials including citrus peel extracts, essential oils, seed oils, tree resins, inert mineral fillers, tree and bee waxes, lead-free dryers and natural pigments.

With our products you no longer have to wonder what combinations of synthetic chemicals generate the puzzling, all-too-familiar smells that come from household products. The mild fragrance that is unique to BioShield products will enhance your painting, finishing, and cleaning activities, and help to create a serene environment at your home, business, or school. Chemically sensitive individuals may want to test products for personal compatibility.

We are a service company first

Are you unsure which of our products are the most exact for your application, how to determine exactly as much as you need, or whether our products will be durable enough for your application? Our friendly customer care consultants will ensure that you are confident about your selections. It is that simple. We love to hear your success stories when you call in your next order. Our extensive inventory enables us to ship 98 percent of the orders we receive complete within 24 hours. Want it even faster? Get us your order by noon MST and it will be on its way to you the same day!

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